Sunday, August 30, 2009

Things that matter

In the scheme of things, most of daily life has no consequence. A lot comes down to, "My problems are more important than yours because they're mine." It's perspective. Relative to someone who's homeless, I'm pretty comfortable. I accept being mostly broke because I can't stomach corporate whoredom.

That said, what we do and say matters. We can live in an attitude of bitterness and vitriol or we can live in an attitude of love. (Caveat: the author frequently declaims, "I hate people," and has profound misanthropic tendencies.) The daily reality is the ritual of the habitual. We drive, we shop, we work, we eat, we sleep it all over again. The opportunities for greatness in, "The American Dream," are thin on the ground. We're selfish creatures with such a capacity for grace that it will knock me to the floor sometimes. Many nights I sign off of twitter with things I think are important: Be gentle with each other. Hug someone who needs it. Do something kind for a stranger. Tell someone you love them. Why? It matters. We can be so much more than we expect of ourselves. We just need to remember it.

I'm all over the map, but there are so many threads connecting all of us that we never stop to examine. I wonder that there is such a dearth of compassion in so many who call themselves, "Christians." Peace and love, generosity and the realisation of the human spirit... these ought not to be things Christian folk need lessons in. Yet, many do. Judge someone by what they do, not by what they call themselves. If you live in an attitude of love and service, that's self explanatory. Who we are is evident every day.Think on that, will you?

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