Friday, November 6, 2009

Random pretty things: Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup

For anyone scratching their heads over the topic... um... It's the Carnival of the RANDOM. This includes my occasional forays into deeply girlie things. 
I confess: I'm a mineral makeup addict. I have been since discovering Bare Escentuals on QVC in 2003. I have problem skin. It's incredibly sensitive, yet oily-acne prone. When in doubt, my skin will break out rather than hive. 
I'm also a very, very, low maintenance kind of girl when it comes to my, "Look." 

No. Really. 
On the other hand, being a performer means that sometimes I need a really intense look. 

I like products that are versatile, I like looking like myself, but better. Brighter, more perfected, glow-ier. On occasion, elevating into  badass, rock 'n' roll temptress. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to Aromaleigh via Miss Cleolinda Jones (ok, so it was part of the Secret Life of Dolls, which I have a hilarious obsession with.) 

Back to my point: Mineral makeup addict, temperamental skin, performer, usually low-maintenance look... oh, and for reals, mostly utterly broke. I mean, brokety-broke-broke. I do not have room in my budget for retail regret. I cannot afford overpriced stuff. Period. 

So, I begin to browse. Thinking to myself: Self, you can't be silly here. You're really just looking for a foundation that matches your very Casper-like winter skin tone and maybe a color that approximates the holy grail of colors, (aka Urban Decay Pleather lip pencil in Naked. It is the most gloriously perfect pink-peach-nude-grey-undertone-teensy-bit-of-shimmer neutral that looks perfect on lips/cheeks/eyes... and is discontinued. Which makes me a sad panda hoarding my last little nub. It is not the same as their current lip liner by the same name, don't be tricked.)   


Aromaleigh is like dying and going to heaven for those of us that love the pretty-pretty, hate the chemicals, and are on a budget. 
There are weekly sales!
There are mini-sizes in some things and EVERYTHING can be bought in a sample size! 
There are coupons!
There are rewards points!
Also, even compared to the drugstore brand wannabe mineral lines, these products are really, really reasonably priced. Actually, they're a steal. One of the amazing things about mineral makeup is how long it will last. For eye and cheek colors, it can literally take YEARS to go through even a mini-jar. All-over face colors, foundation/concealers/finishing powders tend to go faster. Usually 4-6 months for a full-size jar. 
The cost is actually amortized into a fraction of the cost of conventional makeup, but the initial layout can be ouchy. 

My favorites so far, (no pix, I may add later.): lipcolor in Darling, it's not quite the holy grail, but it's a beautiful sheer pinky-nude and it smells divine. I'm also loving their eye plushes in Persian Kitten and Rosy Cheeks. The textures are silky smooth, the colors are simply luscious and the prices are to die for. 
I'm also completely astounded that after years of searching, I've found foundations that are as pale as I am. They make pure white. I can use it as a lightener on shades I already have. (I kid you not, I have pasty, ghost-white skin in winter. It's not glowing alabaster or porcelain, it's just flat-out WHITE. You try to match that skin tone without going to clown makeup,) or I can just use it seamlessly on my skin. Yay!
So, Aromaleigh is officially my new favorite thing. It's less than half the price of Bare Escentuals, there are even fewer additives, the color selection is amazing and the service so far is brilliant. 

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