Friday, September 25, 2009

fever in the blood, parts 1 & 2 (poem)

Part One (illness)
skin feels dry and tight
like something becoming leather
in desert scorching heat
mouth unquenched
despite swallowing an oceans' worth
eyes burn with an unnameable fire
as if
the eyes of a witch
at the stake
the wicked bacilli in the blood
at war with the white knights
A crusader's errand
to stamp out
the pillaging of my body

Part two
Mouth becomes arid while palms sweat
skin burns with anticipation
nonsensical words from lips glossed
cherry red
thirst compels
as liquor loosens the
social inhibitions
and a highly-colored flush
suffuses the cheeks
bright eyes given depth in dark rooms
echoing laughter born of longing
as a girl
turns to a boy
neither of them young enough for that anymore
turns to him
and tells him she love him
asking why
living with the fever between them
barely contained

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